My son was diagnosed with infantile colic at 2 weeks old. He was in visible pain and discomfort in the evenings but this could occur at any time.  It was normal for him to scream for several hours a day without me being able to console him.  Various health professionals stated that he would grow out of it and we would have to accept the discomfort for about 12 weeks.

After reading about massage my husband contacted Chris and explained our son’s predicament.

Chris very kindly came to the house when he was 6 weeks old and showed me massaging techniques to do with him.  She was very kind and approachable and made me feel at ease.

She took away the label of “colic” which instantly reduced my anxiety.

My little boy really appeared to be benefitting from the massage which he appeared to thoroughly enjoy.  This happened really quickly. We now have a different baby.  He is able to enjoy lying on his back and having a bath. His sleep has also improved as I can now always put him comfortably down on his back.

The reason for this feedback is twofold. Firstly, to feedback how vital the baby massage course and support has been to both my little boy and me. Secondly, how the massage was hugely enhanced by Chris Garner.

 Paula from Kendal


I rate the one to one  service provided by Chris Garner as excellent. I feel so much more confident as a parent. Doing the Positive Parenting Programme has met all my needs. Thank you!

 Dad, Kirkby Lonsdale

The group sessions made me feel that I was not alone and that other parents were going through exactly the same as I was.  Doing the course has made me realise that I am my daughter’s best teacher and that what I do as a parent affects the way she behaves.

Thank you Chris for helping me improve my relationship with my daughter!

Jane, Kendal


A week or so after doing the session on Choking my 6 month old baby got some food stuck in her throat and thankfully I knew exactly what to do! Had I not been shown what to do it would have been a different story.  Thank you Chris for teaching me this invaluable skill!

 Amelia’s mum, Windermere

I feel a lot more confident in dealing with emergencies, especially choking! The dolls are really good at building confidence.

Bill’s Dad Kendal

I feel more confident that I won’t panic if I had to deal with a situation. It was good to get hands on practise with the dolls also I felt comfortable to ask questions.