baby_motherPositive Parenting

Positive Parenting sessions  one to one full course: £400.00

Positive Parenting sessions – targeting specific behaviours i.e. tantrums, bedtimes, mealtimes etc. – one to one: £50.00

Full course comprises of 8 one hour sessions with Parent Handbook.

Targeting specific behaviours 1 to 2 hours per session with handouts.

Baby Massage

Baby Massage sessions one to one sessions in your own home – £80 per session

Baby Massage sessions 5 x 1 hour sessions small group: £40.00pp (max 8 people)

Baby massage sessions include working through the full body massage with parent handouts describing every massage stroke and a bottle of organic massage oil to use during the class and at home.

Paediatric First Aid

Paediatric First Aid 2 hour sessions one to one: £60

Paediatric First Aid 2 hour sessions small group: £30pp

Paediatric First Aid  includes recognition and treatment of Choking, fever, febrile convulsions, Meningitis and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation.