BABY MASSAGE is one of the most wonderful shared experiences you can have with your baby it provides a fantastic opportunity for you to get to know your baby and create a bond that will last forever.

In a small group or on a one to one basis I can teach you how to massage your baby leaving you both feeling  relaxed and at one with the world. I only wish baby massage was around when my two girls were babies.

So what are the benefits of baby massage? Well there are many benefits not only for you but also for your baby massage helps you to

  • Form a close bond with your baby which in turn helps your baby feel securely attached to its caregiver
  • It aids sleep, gives relief from wind, colic, constipation and teething discomfort
  • Encourages increased levels of relaxation for both baby and parent!
  • It can have life long benefits for your baby as well as increasing your confidence in your ability to care for and nurture your baby.
  • It provides an opportunity for some quality time with your baby

So why not join me when I will be running sessions in South Lakeland.

GHYLLSIDE NEIGHBOURHOOD CENTRE – TUESDAY’S from 11-12 noon & WEDNESDAY’S from 10-11am cost for 5 sessions, oil, handout and certificate £40
Join me on on of my small groups (no more than eight/nine babies and parents) for a five week course. We will work through a whole body massage over the five sessions. The strokes that you learn will help relieve gas and colic, aid sleep, and teething as well as promote bonding and attachment. It is a lovely course which allows you to have total quality time with your infant. Parents and babies leave the session feeling chilled and at one with the world. Course cost includes a bottle of Organic Cold Pressed Coconut or Sunflower Oil, a photo of you and your baby doing massage, a certificate of attendance and a guide to all massage strokes. Call, text or email to book your place 07972282975/ 01539 730713